Home Office Desk

A home office desk is a foundational piece for your workspace, setting the tone for productivity and focus. While many may consider it just a table, a well-chosen desk can both elevate the aesthetics of your space and cater to your workflow needs.

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What makes a good home office desk?

A good home office desk blends functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. It should:

  • Be sturdy — Durability is essential when you’re trying to ensure your desk stands the test of time. It must be able to bear the weight of your computer, accessories and essential office supplies.
  • Have adequate surface area — Space is important when trying to work without feeling constrained. Make sure the desk you’re looking for allows you to comfortably manage tasks without feeling cramped.
  • Feature storage solutions — Drawers or compartments are beneficial for organising paperwork, stationery and other essentials.
  • Be ergonomically designed — The height and design should promote good posture, reducing fatigue and potential health issues.

Where should I put my desk in my home office?

  • Near natural light — Positioning your desk near a window offers natural light, reducing eye strain, and can help in boosting your mood. At the same time, it’s important to avoid direct sunlight. The heat of direct UV rays might be uncomfortable, and the glare of sunlight might make it harder for you to see the computer screen completely. 
  • Facing the door — For those who prefer not to have their back to the entrance, placing the desk between you and the doors can make you feel more secure and allow you to entertain guests without having to turn around.
  • Against the wall — If you’re looking to maximise space, especially in a smaller home office, consider placing your home office desks up against a wall, preferably one close to a power source and a window for natural light and a nice view.
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Stockholm Desk

Stockholm Desk

$1,299.00 – $1,399.00
Materials Solid American ash wood Dimensions (All dimensions can vary±2%) Assembly Information Simple assembly required. The drawer can be fixed left or right side Warranty One year
Fintona Desk

Fintona Desk

Materials Desk top is made of engineered timber and American Oak Veneer. Legs are made of solid American oak. Dimensions(All dimensions can vary±2%) Assembly Information Simple assembly required Warranty One year
Bianca Glass Desk

Bianca Glass Desk

Materials Tempered Glass + American Solid Oak Frame and Leg Dimensions(All dimensions can vary±2%)     Assembly Information Simple assembly required Warranty One year